Program Management

Program Management

Our Team of Experts Plan Consistently and Efficiently
to Reduce Waste, Increase Quality and Offer Complete Visibility

Regardless of project locations, across multi-state locations from San Diego to Seattle, our professional program management will provide maximum benefits to your business though solving critical project issues:

  • Consistent project planning, quality and execution to deliver solutions at all locations
  • We coordinate across multiple locations sites, taking the burden off our clients
  • Complete visibility of job status and expenses, from project inception to completion
  • Available in-house experts including Engineers and Architects
  • Effective management of widespread projects involving dozens or hundreds of locations
  • Timely reporting and status updates for the entire scope of the project
  • Quality control of materials and workmanship
  • Cost tracking throughout the project to ensure completion within budget
  • Offering all standard warranties, plus maintenance services
  • We bundle task work and categories where applicable by territory for any eligible discounts that may apply

Time-Proven Program Management
to Reduce Waste, Increase Quality and Offer Complete Visibility

By engaging Summer Systems for the complete project, our clients are assured of uniform results and the highest quality work. Using Summer Systems’ program management process helps our clients resolve the challenges of executing even the largest projects.

We have built our Program Management business based on customer referrals because of our solid reputation for attention to detail and finishing the job ‘the right way’ every time.

These Clients Trusted Summer Systems for Successful Project Execution


With large numbers of projects that needed to be completed, these clients turned over their projects to Summer Systems, and trusted us to follow through to successful completion.

Union bank logo

Union Bank: Summer Systems has worked with Union Bank for several years to complete HVAC, roof work, windows, and parking lot work for 60+ properties in multiple rollouts.

Satisfied customers are a significant factor in the continued growth of Summer Systems clientele. Referrals, our methodology and processes, and the quality of our work are the driving forces behind our continued success.