Our History

Our History

Over the past 30 years, we have continued to grow and expand into both commercial and general contract work, and our future looks even brighter.

The Five Core Best Practices

Along with putting our customers’ needs first, Summer Systems was built on five core practices that have helped ensure our success. As a general contractor, we are committed to:

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Strong Administration

We have spent decades working on very complex projects for our clients. As such, we have implemented very efficient internal administrative processes that allow us to quickly execute large amounts of paperwork and other administration tasks involved in seamlessly executing projects with extreme attention to detail.

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Every project and client is unique, which is why we do not cling to a rigid approach that must be adhered to every time. We are more than happy to modify our processes to accommodate the needs of our clients and/or the demands of the project. Our only unwavering commitment is to customer satisfaction.

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Speed to Market

Because we believe that time is money, we always work with a sense of urgency, no matter what kind of timeline a client gives us. While we never prioritize speed over the quality of our work, our team understands the urgency and necessity to get your operations back to business as soon as possible. Our responsiveness to you and your plan is always our top priority.

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Even the most skilled workers will be hindered if they do not have the best technology at their fingertips. We constantly invest in new tools including our own custom cloud-based solutions that perfectly support our needs as a general contractor. This includes a project management tool that gives us the overview and detailed insights required to keep big jobs on task and deliver helpful information to our clients.

Furthermore, every staff member has an iPhone, and all of our project managers’ vehicles are outfitted with web-enabled laptops and printers so that they can function as mobile offices.

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We only choose the best materials for each project. However, our dedication to quality does not end when a job does. After completion, we go back and score card our work to find ways we can continue to improve. This is why, year after year, Summer Systems has evolved ahead of our competitors.