Our Process

Our Process

We See 10 Steps Ahead
In Real Time and with Real Metrics

By always sticking to the steps defined by our Road Map, we make sure that our clients do not have to worry about dealing with the “surprises” that often arise when working with a general contractor. They enjoy peace of mind knowing that the next milestone is defined and ready to be executed.

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The Roadmap

We use a shared internal structure that tracks critical progress milestones, guides and expedites the process to ensure we are in harmony with the goals of our clients. This guarantees we are on the same page throughout the entire project, minimizing delays and optimizing the budget.

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Our Technology

Summer Systems employs advanced software systems that connect our field units and internal teams enabling us to see 10 steps ahead. We engage in real time across hundreds of properties allowing us to communicate more efficiently. With this level of communication, we can manage large volume projects with ease, be very quick and responsive, track and report metrics instantly.

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Score Card Review

Upon completion, every project is reviewed and scored for customer satisfaction, level of internal execution success and financial efficiency. This final step of our process ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards and satisfaction. Our reputation has been built on constantly delivering what we promised and score carding enables us to continually improve.