General Contracting

General Contracting

Because of our team’s combined experience, Summer Systems:

  • Handles any TI (Tenant Improvement) work including complete interior rebuilds and usage changes with ease while maintaining top-quality workmanship

  • Excels at working within highly regulated industries with a focus on keeping your businesses operational during business hours

  • Manages even the most complex, multi-state projects using consistent processes and the latest technology for seamless communication

  • Saves you money and can actively demonstrate those savings to you

Our clients have entrusted us with projects ranging from $1k to $30M.
Some of the many companies that have chosen us as their general contractor include:

The Summer Systems Difference

We remain committed to customer centric values and the belief that ‘doing it the right way’ is the only way to stay ahead in the industry. We have built our reputation on the top-notch work that we deliver on every single project. Whether it is re-building your headquarters or mapping out a multi-location plan, we remain the trusted partner that banks and commercial organizations of all sizes look to when they have important projects.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Prioritizing quality is not just about the practices we utilize to work on projects. It is also about how we treat our clients, which is why we place such an emphasis on customer service. Our main goal is ensuring a transparent operation so our clients always know about the progress of their projects and feel empowered to ask questions.

Creating Solutions for Challenges Before They Appear

Most projects will run into some kind of challenge. Therefore, we work very hard to anticipate those challenges beforehand. That way, we can come up with solutions before they cost our clients time and money.

Case Study Retail Banking Centers

Model A Projects Bank

The plans called for us to remove 15 to 20 outdated teller lines with unused space, de-emphasize the teller lanes, install ATMs and phones, remove bulletproof walls (including their built-in technology) and replace them with a contemporary infrastructure. Custom millwork and premium designs using high-quality materials were installed, as well.



The entire project was carried out:

  • During non-business hours so the bank was never closed
  • In phases, which allowed for seamless transitions

This project showcases our team’s ability to manage complicated scopes of work in the strictest of environments surrounded by extremely sensitive information.


Before beginning this project (and every project), we:

  • Ensured our plan followed all applicable codes and federal regulations
  • Implemented methods for protecting all NPI (Non-Public Information)


When the project was complete, our client was left with:

  • A clean work environment
  • A fully-functional and operational bank
  • Happy employees across the:
  • Bank
  • Management company
  • Administrative team
  • Corporate office

Over the years, we have built our reputation through:


  • Attention to detail
  • Recruiting the most skilled trades people
  • Clearly defining and automating steps
  • Working with a sense of urgency
  • Using a custom web-based platform to manage our vendors, projects and purchasing
  • Having a wide-array of capabilities that allows us to bring trades in-house whenever possible to keep costs down

We use technology as much as possible to save time and money:


  • Equipping our employees with iPhones and tablets
  • Outfitting our trucks with mobile hotspots and printers, so staff can:
  • Track waste
  • Manage daily logs
  • Create preconstruction walkthroughs
  • Maintain quick processing and documentation times

This prevalence of technology ensures that our internal workflow is efficient, automated, accurate, and up-to-date. It also supports seamless communication and paperwork completion in the field.

Progress Mapping for Success

Every Job Receives a Score Card Upon Completion

Finally, we are constantly improving our own workflows by reviewing and score carding recently completed projects. In this way, we continue to raise our standards and constantly find new ways to better serve our clients.

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